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I am really new at this, so if you want to help me out with things on this page then feel free to email me, check the bottom of the page for my email.

Another things I would like to add are basically stuff about me, apparently you all got to know so…here I go–

My name will not be revealed, so you can call me Grassy, my pronouns are They/He.

If you don’t like that then get off, and if you are a good ally or whatever then please continue to read, or if you’re not ok with that, but you respect me then that’s fine, as long as you respect others too.

I like to paint, read, write, and to listen to music. I also hope that you could also share your interests with me, if you want me to post it on here, only if you ask and want to.

I have 5 siblings, two are older than me and I have 3 younger siblings, they’re really annoying but overall, I can tolerate them. I also have a dog named Bella, she barks at everything and my family does not like that 0-0. But since I don’t care, she’s here to stay, Love you Bella.

I like necklaces, I guess? I have one on right now, it’s a tiger’s eye, though I can never find any other necklaces I like. Why are cheap necklaces so cool.😤

So I guess that’s it for me, now your turn to tell me about you, down below. Please.

So this is my page, I guess -_-

Join the cult, we will welcome you with open arms, everyone is welcome, except creeps, if you are one leave because I don’t want your musty self here.

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